Graphic Design Services

We'll create a perfect logo for your Church or religious organization, but that's only the beginning. We can do more for you. We can help create added visibility and recognition for you in many different ways.

During the process of designing your logo, we develop an understanding of your needs. We learn about your direction and your goals.

That puts us in a fantastic position to handle any other graphic design needs for your Church or group may have.

Even if we didn't handle your logo design, we can study your needs to create the perfect graphics for you. Church Logo Design offers a wide range of services that will help you to reach out to others with style and a clear sense of identity.

Website Graphics

  • Background Images and Pictures – We can create the perfect background for your website, social networking site, or individual blogs. Tell us your needs, and we will design an attractive background that blends seamlessly with the full design of your site.
  • Banner Design – Getting the perfect banner or website header is as simple as placing your order with Church Logo Design. We provide winning designs on an affordable budget.
  • Icon Design – Our design team will create the ideal icons and favicons for your website. Creating small, clearly recognizable graphics is an art, and we've mastered it.
  • Flash Headers – Using moderate animation, we will create a flash header that will set the tone for your Church's or organization's site. You want to draw in more visitors and our graphics will make it happen.
  • Graphic Manipulations and Digitization – If you need an image adjusted or a graphic digitized, Church Logo Design is here for you.

Electronic Delivery Graphics

  • E-book Design – Is your Church or group offering an e-book? We will take your e-book manuscript and format it for usability and to create a fantastic appearance. This service is perfect if you are lacking the time to learn an e-book design software program.
  • E-Greeting and E-Card Designs – Let us create electronic greeting cards for your Church. Fun or interactive, we will create the perfect card for you.

Other Graphics from Church Logo Design

  • Animation and Presentation – Using video, images, and interactive navigation, we will create a winning presentation for your group's educational and outreach needs. We can also put these animations and presentations into a CD for easy distribution.
  • Brochure Design – Our design team can create bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, or gate fold brochures to spread the word about your Church and its projects. Tell your customers about your activities with a high-quality brochure created specifically with your church or religious organization in mind.
  • Flyer Design – Run a successful outreach effort with an order of flyers or pamphlets designed by some of the best in the industry. Make a big impact at a reasonable price.
  • Template Design – Whether you need a professional-grade newsletter, a press release announcing your community projects, proposals or anything else—we can create the perfect template for you.
  • Promotional and Outreach Materials Design – Promotional and outreach tools like mailers and media guides can often be helpful. Let Church Logo Design create materials that spread the good news!

Multimedia Graphics

  • Photo Editing, Repair and Restoration – Learning photo editing software can be a daunting task. We have the latest software programs and talented designers who know how to adeptly use those tools to transform your outdated, damaged, or flawed photographs into works of art.
  • Illustrations – Whether you need print or digital illustrations for your newsletter, educational tracts or outreach letters, Church Logo Design will deliver that. Realistic designs or artistic impressions - We will bring your project to life!
  • Greetings and Postcards – Our team would love to create customized holiday greeting cards or postcards for your Church. We can use your wonderful new logo or a custom-designed graphic to produce greetings that will make an impact with you recipients.
  • Book and Magazine Cover Designs – We can create a book or magazine cover that will draw in readers and heighten interest in your message!
  • Invitations – Our design team will be happy to create customized, original invitations for any event. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate based on your event details.
  • Stationery Design – Professional correspondence is part of projecting your unique image. We will create the ideal stationery for your business using your logo or other graphic elements.
  • Posters and Signs – Our innovative designers will create posters and signs for your Church that inspire instant brand recognition and sales. Tell us what you're thinking and we will use our expertise to work with you. We'll develop a fantastic poster to meet your needs!
We're here to help you with any graphics needs!
Do you need something
different or unique?

Church Logo Design specializes in creating logos specifically designed for religious organizations and groups. Let us know what you need. We'll work with you to transform your vision into a perfect reality.