Make Money As a Reseller

Our fantastic logo designs aren't the only thing we can do for you. We also offer a very attractive, high-potential reseller opportunity for those who work with churches and religious organizations.

The Reseller Plan

You can sell logo design services to your church and religious clients, customers and contacts. It's all done under your name-there's no need to even mention us.

Church Logo Design

When you find the customers; we do the work.

We'll work for you, producing outstanding logos that will keep your customers happy-and you'll make money in the process.

That's because we'll offer you a special reseller rate-the best possible price-for our church and religious logo design services. Resellers who generate a great deal of work can qualify for even better rates.

You'll be able to set your own prices. The difference between your established price and our discounted rate will be profit for you!

Your customers will deal exclusively with you. They pay you for the service and they give you accolades for producing outstanding religious logos.

We'll even provide online support when it's necessary. You may even want to create your own network of resellers. The profit potential is huge.

Why It Works

This proven opportunity works for three reasons.

First, product demand is incredible. As more and more churches, religious organizations and faith-based programs create a presence online, demand for new logo and identity graphics grows. This is a high growth industry and it's something everyone needs when they decide to "go online".

Second, we do a wonderful job. creates some of the best work in the industry and backs it all with a one-of-a-kind guarantee. You can resell our services because you know the logos will be of the utmost quality and because you know we will handle all aspect of the process with true professionalism.

Third, our reseller rates are outstanding. We make a sincere effort to provide our resellers with something that will be worthwhile to everyone involved. We offer incredible discount rates for resellers, keeping our prices as low as possible, allowing resellers to enjoy a substantial profit margin for all sales.

Is It Right For You?

This is a great opportunity for anyone who regularly deals with the Internet needs of churches and religious organizations. Whether you already have a massive list of prospects who might be interested in logo design or if you're just starting out online, there is profit potential in teaming up with Church Logo Design as a reseller.

If you can find churches and other faith-based organizations in need of logo designs and are set up to take payments, we'll handle everything else. You get to sell an extremely popular product at a profit without a great deal of effort.

An Asset For Graphics And Design Professionals

Ad pros and graphic designers can use Church Logo Design as a way to profitably and professionally take on additional customers. Sometimes, time limitations, price points or other issues can make it hard to take on all potential business. Logo Church Logo Design will handle your overflow or can serve as an inexpensive element of your design team. Our expertise in meeting the needs of religiously-oriented websites makes us the perfect choice if you're dealing with clients in this specialized niche.

An Additional Income Source

Reselling is a great way for students, stay-at-home-parents and other online part-timers to create a new revenue stream.

Church Logo Design resellers are enjoying a great deal of success promoting a great product with substantial demand. Work with us as a reseller and improve your presence in this strong market sector. You could start generating your own reseller income right away. Contact us immediately to get started as a reseller!

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